Featuring Beth Appleton and Tjandra Lodge

Wood, Paper, Scissors brings together two artists inspired by the ecology and material of Florida and Georgia’s natural landscape. With a focus on craft and a deep observation of subtlety, these artists present us with highly skilled work that refreshes the way we observe nature and all of its complexity.



A Conversation with Beth Appleton and Tjandra Lodge
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In the spirit of "together while apart" curator Christina Anduiza visited on the phone with Beth Appleton and Tjandra Lodge to discuss their art, the purpose behind their practice, and the challenges of working with nature. 


From the Artist 

I was born in California but spent most of my childhood right in the middle of what my family calls “Old Florida”. My first appreciation for art was self taught, found in the rows of kitsch for sale at my aunt’s roadside fruit stand. Silver Springs was my playground; I practiced underwater ballet and dreamed one day I would become a Weekie Wachee mermaid. Today, while lost in art, I can still float. 


The work I create holds this history while it invents where to go next. Personal experience adds layers that can be seen. Early works celebrated Highwaymen sunsets while life in New Mexico saturated palettes. Years spent on a Quincy farm cultivated dragon’s blood red and travels to Belize brought the bright yellows. A life full of stories weaves through my work.


For the past 28 years, I have worked from my studio home on the Gulf coast of Florida, a place of boundless inspiration. Here, I delight in tiny marine life and stand in awe of infinite sky. In 2018, my husband and artist representative David Harbaugh and I joined with artist and musician Jenny Odom to form a collaborative gallery, JOBA Art Studios, located near the Bowery in the High Cotton Building at 230 Water Street, Apalachicola, Florida.


Art is intuitive and exhilarating; it is good for the soul. 

Beth Appleton


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From the Artist

I am a descendant of carvers. My matrilineal heritage traces back to my great grandfather, Nicolaas Pennings, who was the chief furniture maker at the Noordeinde Palace - one of the three official palaces of the Dutch Royal family.


I began carving as a therapeutic and productive response to the devastation felt after hurricanes, Irma (2017), and Michael (2018), raked across my Southeast home. Traveling between Florida and Georgia frequently, I pay special attention to the landscape - its beauty and harshness - its strength and fragility.


I am committed to the preservation and conservation of natural resources and use fallen wood and traditional hand tools to create sculptures and functional objects. My work represents new life after moments of trauma and signifies resilience across generations. As a woman, I work with tools historically used by men -axes, hatchets, knives, and gouges - to explore a life-long interest in art. 

Tjandra Lodge

Inside the Artists' Practice


In this video short we observe Beth Appleton making the watercolor/cut paper assemblage, "Sunfish." Film, photography and art was created and copyrighted by Beth Appleton, All Rights Reserved, 2019.


Artist Tjandra Lodge gives us a tour of her workshop in Tampa, FL with special insight into her carving process.

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